Why Zip Code Services™?

With Zip Code Services™, geo-coding zip codes, finding distance between zip codes, finding zip codes in radius of another zip code and form auto-completion of city and state, with latitude/longitude, has never been easier.


Your marketing efforts are more effective when you know where your customers or content consumers are from. Integrating Zip Code Services™ into your web products is not only easy, but also a simple solution to knowing where your consumers are from.

Serve Local Content

Coffee shops, pizza parlors, grocery stores, schools, banks, coupons, etc. in the local community help to drive the growth of a community. Leveraging Zip Code Services™ to serve local content is a great way to share the community with your customers.


Augmenting your analytics data with location data helps to bring more meaning to your reporting efforts. Make Zip Code Services™ data to a vital measurement of your marketing demographic data today.

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