Why Zip Code Services™?

With Zip Code Services™, geo-coding zip codes, finding distance between zip codes, finding zip codes in radius of another zip code and form auto-completion of city and state, with latitude/longitude, has never been easier.


In marketing, knowing which part of the country lovers, and potential lovers, of your product reside in is pretty powerful. Integrating Zip Code Services into your eCommerce will allow you to tangibly see which parts of the country (cities, states, latitudes & longitudes) have an interest in your products.

Serve Local Content

With Zip Code Services, you can know, in real time, what part of the country your website visitors are from. This bit of information makes it very easy to serve local content (restaurants, events, schools, jobs, etc.) to your website visitors.


Augmenting your analytics data with location data gives more meaning to your reporting. Make Zip Code Services a crucial part of your analytics/marketing demographic data today!

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